* The Bi County Guarantee * *ALL REPAIRS ARE GUARANTEED TO STOP THE BREAK FROM SPREADING AND ARE GUARANTEED TO PASS BOTH A NEW YORK STATE INSPECTION AND A LEASE RETURN INSPECTION. The Windshield Doctors at Bi County Windshield Repair believe in windshield repair. We invest in equipment, training, and consumer education on a scale that few other companies attain. We began doing windshield repairs in 1982 and we continue to do thousands of repairs annually. We are a national leader in the windshield repair industry. We can repair many windshield damages that other companies have to replace. What is a Windshield Repair?  Road debris often strikes a windshield and creates damage in the  glass. Unless the cracking process is stopped, it will continue until the  cracks or breaks expand to cover large areas of the windshield. These  damages range from small "nicks" to large shattered areas. Most of the  smaller damages can be repaired without removing or replacing the  windshield thus stopping the cracking process. Windshield repair is accomplished by injecting a bonding agent,  referred to as resin, into the broken area. This bonding agent then bonds  the glass surfaces together inside the broken area and stops the cracking  or breaking process.   The Appearance of Your Windshield Repair The number one purpose of windshield repair is to restore the integrity  to the glass and thereby stop the cracking and breaking process. The  windshield repair improves the optical clarity of the area. After a repair is  completed, the appearance of the broken area improves dramatically, but it  does not disappear from sight. There is always slight scarring where the  break was filled and it usually can be seen by looking at the glass and  focusing on the repaired area. When looking through the glass, vision  should not be impaired. If vision is impaired, the windshield should be  replaced. Windshield Repair And Insurance  Windshield repair is covered by the comprehensive portion of an  individual's insurance policy. All major insurance companies encourage  repair. Cost, safety, convenience and your satisfaction are among the  reasons insurers suggest repair. *Insurance companies have recognized the benefits of windshield repair. As an incentive for their customers to utilize this cost saving procedure most insurance companies will waive the deductible requirement if a windshield is repaired rather than replaced. .
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